Here I will tell you about all the movies I have seen, and give you my opinion on them. I am also writing about books and other favorate stuff that I like to do. I hope you enjoy my blog and find it useful.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Love comes softly

Love Comes Softly a story about a woman named Marty and her husband clem who dies; Marty has no where else to go when this man asked Marty to marry him just so that his young girl missie could grow up having a ma. this is a fiction story but there is 8 books to this series.


Dreamer based on a true story is a great movie for a girl to watch. The girl had always wanted to go to work with her dad and one day she finally did while she was there she met a horse name sonador, they had a race that day and sonador didn't want to race but the owner of the horse made the jockey race the horse; while they were racing the horse fell and broke its front leg. The owner wanted to put the horse down but the person who trained the horse said that he wanted the horse and the 6,000 dollars the other guy owed.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


  1. Sleepover is a fantastic movie. It is about 4 girls having a sleepover, they aren't allowed out of the house but instead of obeying the rules they broke them and went on a scavenger hunt. Alexa Vega (Spy Kids) stars in this brilliant movie. They went on a scavenger hunt to get a lunch spot. On the way they have to get back home before Julies mom calls. At the end both teams have the same stuff so they decide on a tie breaker at the high school dance. At the high school dance they have to get the crown, Julie likes a boy and he gets the crown whose name is Steven. Steven gives Julie the crown and Julies team wins.
  2. FreakyFriday is a great movie to see it is where a mom and a doughter switch live from a furtone cookie. Anna has a band and its addition is the dress rehearrsal of her moms wedding, her mom says no in letting her go but yet she still gets to go. It has awesome music; you'll will laugh to death when you see this movie. Anna's brother always trys to annoy Anna and gets Anna in trouble all the time. There was this one time that Anna found her brother acting like her guitar was drums and then her brother got Anna in trouble that she lost her door.
  3. New Your Minute a fabulas movie which stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Its about two teens getting captured and then having to get to a place down town where Ashley will give a speech. On the way they meet two guys who they like alot. May-Kate never really goes to school so a cop is after her; and Ashley gets beer spilt all over her, Since she has beer all over her she sneeks into a hotel and takes a shower, and then a man comes in and then they have to go cause they lost the dog and the owner was coming.
  4. Charley and the Chocolate Factory is a story of 5 kids trying to win the prise all of the other kides besides Charley were spoiled but Charley was poor so he couldn't get alot of things. Charleys dad worked at a tooth factory but lost his job because a machine replaced all the people who worked there. His grampa used to work for the factory but was sent home because of people telling other people about Wonka's secret recipe. Who do you think wins? Watch and find out.
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